mon-thurs 16-21

fri 11-22

sat 12-22

sun 14-20


Friday lunch in Töölö!

Lunch is served between 11-15, welcome!


Humalistonkatu 3

00250 Helsinki

050 468 7122


Delivery available througt Wolt app!


Ask for vegan and gluten free versions



House Marinated Olives
Manzanilla Olives marinated in Garlic, Rosemary, and Lemon Zest  4

Antipasti Plate
Selection of cured meats and marinated veggies with breadsticks  9 for 1-2  18 for 3-4



Lil’ Greens
Small serving of greens with cherry tomatoes, pickled onion, tomato Dijon vinaigrette  5    

Jumbo Greens
Big serving of greens, pan-fried artichoke, mixed mushrooms, pickled red onion, cherry tomato and Dijon vinaigrette  15




1. Margherita DOP
DOP San Marzano tomato (DOP), fior di latte mozzarella, pecorino, basil  13,5

2. Marinara
San Marzano tomato (DOP), garlic, oregano  11,5


All contain San Marzano tomato (DOP), fior di latte mozzarella and pecorino


3. The Dude
Salami Napoli, parmesan  15,5 

4. Spring Street
Pepperoni 15,5

5. Normcore 
Pan-fried artichoke, Parma ham, mixed mushrooms, black olives  17,5

6. Childish Hambino 
Parma ham, grilled fresh pineapple  16

7. A Bright Ray of Sunsihe (on an Otherwise Cloudy Day) 
Grilled prawns, nut-free vegan pesto, melted cherry tomato, basil  17,5

8. Meat Jesus 
Pepperoni, salami Napoli, Parma ham, porchetta, melted cherry tomato  19

9. Atomic Fireball

Pepperoni, ‘nduja, garlic, house pickled chili, red onion  17,5

10. Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time

‘Nduja, grilled fresh pineapple, house pickled chili  16,5

11. Shangri-la 

Grilled prawn, ‘nduja, house pickled chili, rucola  18,5



12. Shorooms Yo! 
Portobello, oyster and champignon mushrooms, nut-free vegan pesto  16,5

13. I Can’t Believe it’s Not Murder
Smoked tofu “sausage” crumble, broccolini, garlic  16,5

14. Love Conquers All
Gorgonzola, grilled pineapple, jalapeño  15,5

15. My name is Fudd
Harissa roasted carrot, caramelized cauliflower, capers, panko, dried black olives, ricotta salata  16,5

16. Uncle Artie
Pan-fried artichoke, red onion, melted cherry tomato, black olives, rucola  16,5

White pizze

All contain fior di latte mozzarella, provolone piccante, ricotta, and pecorino


17. South Philly Special
Porchetta, broccolini, melted cherry tomato  17,5

18. It Came from Greenpoint
Fig, gorgonzola, Parma ham, hot honey, mandarin oil  18


19. Choke Me, Honey
Pan-fried artichoke, honeyed lemon, toasted almond, red chili threads  17,5 

20. Earth Mother Trucker
Broccolini, truffle purée, 64-degree egg yolk, black pepper  17



21. Hong Kong Phooey 
San Marzano tomato (DOP), house-made vegan sausage, broccolini, garlic, house cashew ricotta  16,5

22. Boomers Yo!
San Marzano tomato (DOP), portobello, oyster and champignon mushrooms, nut-free vegan pesto, house-made cashew ricotta  16,5

23. What’s up, Doc?
San Marzano tomato (DOP), harissa roasted carrot, caramelized cauliflower, capers, panko, dried black olives, house-made cashew ricotta  16,5 

24. Uncle Buck
Pan-fried artichoke, red onion, melted cherry tomato, black olives, rucola, house-made cashew ricotta  16,5

Kiddie pizze

Kid-sized pizza with San Marzano Tomato (DOP), fior di latte mozzarella, and pecorino  

Margherita  8
Salami  9
Parma ham & grilled fresh pineapple  9,50



If you want it and we have it, we’ll make it.

Make your pizza dreams come.

For Example

Garlig  0,5
Basil  0,5
Chili  1
Cherry Tomato  1
Rucola  1
Mushrooms  2
Salami  2
Pepperoni  2
Artichoke  2


Blue cheese / Ranch / Spicy Marinara  1,5



Sea buckthorn panna cotta with berries & honey nuts  6


We serve a wide variety of hand-picked, high quality, small brewery beers. We also have our own brand of beer – the Daddy Greens Lager.

This wide variety of quality beer was picked to enjoy with or without pizza. Just ask our staff for a recommendation and they will be happy to help to you choose the perfect beer.

We keep updating our beer list regularly to fill your thirsty desires.