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Friday 11-22

Saturday 12-22

Sunday 14-20

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Easter opening hours:

Friday 16-22

Saturday 12-22

Sunday-Monday closed


Friday lunch in Töölö!

Lunch is served between 11-15, welcome!


Humalistonkatu 3

00250 Helsinki

Take away orders

050 468 7122


Delivery available througt Wolt app!


Ask for vegan and gluten free versions

perfect pizza crust



House Marinated Olives
Manzanilla olives marinated in garlic, rosemary and lemon peel 4

Salumi Plate
Salami, speck, pepperoni, extra virgin olive oil 9



Lil’ Caesar
Small serving of romaine lettuce, croutons and Caesardressing 6

Lil’ Greens
Small serving of greens with cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion and balsamic vinaigrette 5

Jumbo Caesar
Big serving of Caesar with a generous amount of grilled prawns 16,5

Jumbo Greens
Big serving of greens, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, roasted artichokes, mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette 15



1. Margherita DOP
San Marzano tomato (DOP), fior d’Agerola mozzarella, pecorino, basil 13,5

2. Marinara
San Marzano tomato (DOP), garlic, oregano 12
Napoli style with anchovy 14

3. The Dude
San Marzano tomato (DOP),
fior d’Agerola mozzarella, pecorino, salami Napoli, parmesan 15,5

Vegetarian and vegan options also available with Santun Seitan’s vegvursti!

All contain San Marzano tomato (DOP), fior d’Agerola mozzarella and pecorino


4. Mikey Gee

Salami Napoli, caramelized onion, grilled bell pepper 16,5

5. Salty Sailor

Anchovy, caper, caramelized onion, rucola, toasted panko, lemon oil 16,5

6. Spring Street 

Pepperoni 15,5
White Trash style with calabrian chili & ranch 16,5

7. Cocktails & Dreams 
Jumbo Prawns, calabrian chili, melted cherry tomato, oregano, fresh grated horseradish 18,5

8. A Love Supreme

Pepperoni, grilled sicilian style sausage, speck, red onion, grilled bell pepper, olive 20



9. Shrooms Yo! 
Portobello, champignon, oyster mushroom, basil pesto (nutfree) 16,5
Chicago style with Sicilian style sausage 18,5

10. Kippari Kalle
Fresh sauteed spinach, caramelized onion, creamy ricotta, garlic 17

white pizze

All contain fior d’Agerola mozzarella, provolone piccante and pecorino

11. Robertas Speckenwolf

Speck, mixed mushroom, red onion, oregano 18,5

12. Bodega at Dawn
Grilled sicilian style sausage, egg yolk, calabrian chili, scallion 18,5

13. Red Gold

Melted cherry tomato, caper, rucola, lemon oil 16,5


14. Boomers Yo!

Portobello, champignon, oyster mushroom, basil pesto (nutfree) 16,5

15. Mikey Vee
Santun Seitan, caramelized onion, grilled bell pepper 16,5

16. Hipsteri Kalle

Fresh Sauteed spinach, caramelized onion, toasted panko, garlic 17


kiddie pizzas

Kid-sized pizza with San Marzano tomato (DOP), fior d’Agerola mozzarella and pecorino

Margherita  8

Salami  9

Pepperoni 9

Mushrooms 9 

Extra fillings?
If you want it and we have it, we’ll make it.

Make your pizza dreams come true.

For Example

Garlic  0,5
Basil  0,5
Chili  1
Cherry Tomato  1
Rucola  1
Mushrooms  2
Spinach 2
Salami  2
Pepperoni 2


Vegan Aioli / Ranch / Vegan Chili Aioli / Caesar  1,5


Daddy Greens beer glass

We serve a wide variety of hand-picked, high quality, small brewery beers. We also have our own brand of beer – the Daddy Greens Lager.

This wide variety of quality beer was picked to enjoy with or without pizza. Just ask our staff for a recommendation and they will be happy to help to you choose the perfect beer.

We keep updating our beer list regularly to fill your thirsty desires.